About Teliyadu

About Teliyadu

Teliyadu  specializes in Web Development, Ecommerce Development, UI/UX, Digital Marketing and Web Support solutions for nonprofits, foundations and purpose-driven companies.

When it comes to addressing the world’s most intractable problems, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We’re experts at designing and guiding tailored processes that deliver tangible results and powerful insights, always leading with empathy and emphasizing collaboration, communication and trust.

With offices in Vancouver, Toronto and New York and a carefully curated network of global social impact professionals, we offer the familiarity and attentiveness of a local partner with the breadth of a global agency. Together, we’re transforming what’s possible when strategy, creativity and purpose align.

Operations & Culture

Teliyadu is a pioneer in the future of work, company culture and 21st century organizational strategy. Our team members are tech-enabled, incredibly well connected and led by a world-class project management and administrative team. We work tirelessly to continually improve our processes and the quality of the work we deliver. We consider every challenge to be a learning opportunity and encourage an open and safe environment for everyone on the team to provide ideas and feedback.

We understand that creativity and talent alone aren’t enough when the world’s biggest issues are on the line. Working in the social sector means higher stakes, more complexity and heightened investment from everyone involved. And we’re experts at designing and guiding processes to suit these environments. Our clients appreciate the transparency, budget clarity and peace of mind we offer, even when there may be many unknowns.


We’ve learned that the best results come when we can collaborate closely and openly with our clients. We expect a high level of partnership from our clients and we know you expect the same from us.