Team Leaders
Team - Quality Assurance

Vikram Simha Reddy

          I can offer you a long career of over 11 years as a Software Quality Assurance professional, as well as a masters degree in Software Engineering. I lead the quality assurance department ensuring all software products being put on the market are as qualitative in usability and function as possible. This requires a lot of research, analysis, comparison, testing, and revamping. It all requires rapt attention to the analysts in the department to ensure they are following through. I take command of the situation as a leader, as well as work in harmony with team players on the QA team.

 My team responsibilities are as follows :

  • Design and execute systems to check for issues
  • Document test cases
  • Perform and document risk analysis
  • Record test progress and results
  • Code automated tests
  • Create test plans
  • Develop standards and procedures to determine product quality and release readiness
  • Discover bugs within software
  • Drive innovation and streamline overall testing processes
  • Identify, isolate, and track bugs throughout testing
  • Identify any potential problems that users might encounter
  • Perform manual and automated testing
  • Research and analyze product features being tested
  • Research new tools, technologies, and testing processes
  • Review user interfaces for consistency and functionality