Team Leaders
Team - Backend Development

Filimon Ataklti Shferaw

        With a Bachelor of Technology in computer science and engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, I have gained over 5 years of hands-on working experience. Working as a backend developer at multiple MNCs has helped me gain substantial experience of coding from building web applications, building E- commerce applications, to testing.

          On the other hand, working at NGOs has allowed me to work closely with small scale farmers in Ethiopia and India which has offered me the chance to witness technology changing lives of millions of farmers and I am delighted to be part of this achievement.

         My other work experiences on IT support and database trainer has helped me to exploit other aspects of computer disciplines. Before I started working, I had a chance to work on different projects as an intern. When I was a Python Django Developer intern, I was primarily responsible for Ensuring the data system is operational, producing information, data and statistics including the analysis of such, across a range of subjects as agreed, developing bulk data upload tool.

         Working at different companies provided me the opportunity to put my coding knowledge to work, develop and test products for the marketplace. Wherever I work , I demonstrated my ability to hit deadlines, maintain strong attention to detail and produce top-notch code.

         My team responsibilities are as follows:

  • Working on all stages from concept and project initiation to delivery and support
  • Build efficient back-end features in Python
  • Integrate front-end components into applications
  • Manage testing and bug fixes
  • Working with Django framework
  • Working with Rest APIs
  • Working with AWS cloud and its services
  • Processing and storing real-time, large volume data
  • Database queries optimization