Team Leaders

Frontend Developer

Daniel Birru Haile

First impressions mean everything in business and a good website design is the key to exploiting this. A great site is not measured by looks alone, but also by functionality and usability. I am an enthusiastic front-end developer with 5+ Read More
Backend Developer

Filimon Ataklti Shferaw

With a Bachelor of Technology in computer science and engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, I have gained over 5 years of hands-on working experience. Working as a backend developer at multiple MNCs has helped me gain substantia Read More
Data Science Analyst - Artificial Intelligence

Tsion Fisseha Gebrewahid

More than 3 years of experience demonstrated ability to develop predictive models to address various business problems through leveraging advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, or data mining techniques. Read More
Quality Assurance

Vikram Simha Reddy

I can offer you a long career of over 11 years as a Software Quality Assurance professional, as well as a masters degree in Software Engineering. I lead the quality assurance department ensuring all software products being put on the market are as Read More
Marketing Executive

Ruth Anteneh Teferi

Experienced in diverse industries including education, franchising and entertainment. Leverage new technologies and market trends to drive innovation and generate new products and revenue streams. A superior leader with a track record of developing Read More
Marketing Manager

Sadam Ibrahim

I have involved in every aspect of marketing for morethan 10 years, from putting together estimates and budgets for campaigns to submitting them for approval. I am in charge of crafting the message for clients to deliver across all forms of media. I Read More